About Us

Marriage Society  is different, it is in your bold, in your face,  comfortable faith based apparel with a twist of hip-hop. It is a brand dedicated to the celebration of marriage and love.   We work fast so that we can bring you the newest styles that don’t exist anywhere else.

We believe that fashion should an endless expression that feels comfortable and playful to yourself.  That clothes should be well made and worn just about everywhere. And that those endless nights you’ll always remember should be spent in clothes that make you look and feel great.

We are based out of the Fashion Melting Pot of the South, Houston, TX. A brand that is cultivated with you in mind. But don't tale our word for it. Give us a try!

We love making cool, casual clothes for the dopest people we know. It is our mission to provide you with a way to express yourself with an affordable price tag.